The 100 cupboards

Hey blog readers today I’m telling you about the 100 cupboards now let’s get on with it shall we.

Now this book is very well written I think that anyone who reads it will get addicted to it so fast like at the first sentence but any way here’s some of what the book was about so the main character is Henry who’s strangely connected the cupboards he will find that out later in the book, here’s all the main characters so there’s uncle frank there’s aunt dotty and there’s three cousins the oldest is penny a.k.a Penelope the second is Henrietta the the final is Anastasia now that you’ve meet the characters here’s what happens so Henry is new to the old and small town his parents were parent napped so his was show the house he was staying in on the bottom floor was the kitchen the second was some bedrooms and the third was more bedrooms well more like the attic so he finds magic cupboards and they lead to other worlds but I’m not giving up the whole book your going to have to read it yourself so bye. In the mean time keep on reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

The Mark Of the Christian

Hello readers today I’m going to tell you about the mark of the Christan a book I just finished reading. So what do you think that the mark of the christian is?what do you think a christian is? do you think a) they have a weird hair cut? b) act weird? c) helpful? d)all of the above e) none of the above ? I think that a christian is just like any other person they also make mistakes and the only difference is they have Jesus. I think that you can tell that someone is a christian by their actions in love, apologizing, and forgiveness. The author explains what love and forgiveness is about in his book. here is an example of true forgiveness.A mother lost her daughter to a drunk driver and she forgave him.

What do you think real forgiveness is? Do you have love and forgiveness in your life?

I think  it was a very good book because it was thought provoking and you may enjoy it too.

buy the book here

My First Review

Hello readers. So I have finished the Indian in the cupboard.  It was a great book and I enjoyed it. This book is about an Indian  named little bear and a boy named Omri who was given a magic cupboard for his birthday.When, later, he would find out to his surprise, after putting his new plastic Indian in his cupboard, the Indian would come to life. They set out on an adventure that would allow them to see each others point of views. 

If I had to give it a rating it would be a nine out of ten because of mild violence  by his little Indian and cowboy.  If you did not see my first post, here is a picture of the book  so  you can go  out and buy it if you want. It also makes a great school project or you can read it to your kids. I liked the book because it had an enjoyable plot and above all, it’s a great book and I think that you will like it too.