The Bronze Bow

Hey blog readers I just finished a book called The Bronze Bow. The story was about a boy named Daniel who lived at the time of Jesus Christ. He was a Jewish who boy hated romans because they took the life of his father and wanted to avenge his death. His plan was to wipe out the entire roman army. He was fueled throughout the book with hatred and gathered a band of boys together who were working toward the same goal. Then his life would change altogether when he meets Jesus face to face.

Before I give the whole book away I’m going to tell you my thought’s on the book.  I really didn’t enjoy reading  the book because it just wasn’t my type of book. That’s not to say, its not a well written book, it just didn’t appeal to my taste. I also didn’t like it because my mom made me read it. Just because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that you won’t. I also recommend that you should read it.

– Cardiff Hoffman-Terry