Harvest festival

Hey blog readers its cardiffsbookreveiws here and you know what today is its the harvest festival to most of you it’s halloween sadly but I do an alternative to it we go to a harvest festival and we get a lot more candy like a trash bag full last year and not the little kind I mean the big ones in the mean time. keep on reading !!!!!!!!!

Ps. I’m sorry this is late but I had no time to post it last night so ya sorry

How to make a zorse in minecraft


Hey blog readers its cardiffsbookreveiws with how to make a zorse this picture was taken from a famliy friendly youtuber by the name of paulsoaresjr so go check out his channel he is the reason I started minecraft and the reason you get to see this picture right now so in the mean time Keep on Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On The Road

Hey blog readers its cardiffsbookreveiws here and this is sorta well a what I’m doing thing I hope you like it so I’m in the car for now we are going the park yay whoo hoo right, no why mr nobody pssst hey everyone except mr nobody just between you guys and me mr nobody is mean to me a lot, any way back on track if you’ve read one of my last blog posts saying that I want to open my blog up to more I’m gonna do that no one commented so I’ve made up my mind its opening up to more and everyone please start commenting,

Minecraft Help

Hey blog readers its cardiffsbookreviews here with well wait for it, here it is i need some help making a minecraft server for me and my friends but i cant get it to work so i was hoping that one of you out there can help me with this so please comment down below and we will talk so the best place to see me is on the Aether 2 server right now or we will talk by email so this help request is going once going twice going three times sold to the person that can help me with my server mix up so if anyone will get on the aether server my username is drum roll please its, Cardiffht001 that’s right so come on. And if your help works i’ll send you the ip address and you can play with us. In the mean time keep on reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!