Opening My Blog Up To More

Hey blog readers its cardiffsbookreviews here with a super cool update. I’m gonna open my blog up to more than just book review’s. So I can blog a lot more about more things. But I don’t want to do this to fast I want your thoughts. Do you think I should open it up to more or keep it on just book reviews. So please put your thoughts in the comments below. After you’ve all commented I will tally up the score. And I ¬†will announce the winner. So again comments below please put your thoughts so bye and as always.

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Sorry Its Been So Long

Hey blog readers its cardiffsbookreveiws and i’m here to say how sorry i am for not posting for so long its just been a fun summer for me and i’m sorry i did not post any thing over it i should have and that’s another reason why i’m having the naming contest so again i am very sorry for keeping you hanging around like that for me to post something new and i know that its the end of summer but i have been sick these last few days so please forgive me and all of you out there who have liked and followed my blog i’m sorry to you as well and i know that iv’e said id be posting a lot more of the time and i did not and i’m sorry for that as well i hope that me saying sorry will help and thank you all for reading what i have posted here and not just on my blog but reading this and staying in this post to this end. any way in the mean time keep on reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay bye keep on reading!

Naming Contest

Hey blog readers! It’s cardiffsbookreveiws with a contest

So I want you to come up with names for me to call you guys and girls don’t worry I did not forget you girls anyway back on track so you all know how I always say hey blog readers I want you to come up with some thing else for me to call you so come up with your best names you can think of so get to thinking. In the mean time keep on reading.

The 100 cupboards

Hey blog readers today I’m telling you about the 100 cupboards now let’s get on with it shall we.

Now this book is very well written I think that anyone who reads it will get addicted to it so fast like at the first sentence but any way here’s some of what the book was about so the main character is Henry who’s strangely connected the cupboards he will find that out later in the book, here’s all the main characters so there’s uncle frank there’s aunt dotty and there’s three cousins the oldest is penny a.k.a Penelope the second is Henrietta the the final is Anastasia now that you’ve meet the characters here’s what happens so Henry is new to the old and small town his parents were parent napped so his was show the house he was staying in on the bottom floor was the kitchen the second was some bedrooms and the third was more bedrooms well more like the attic so he finds magic cupboards and they lead to other worlds but I’m not giving up the whole book your going to have to read it yourself so bye. In the mean time keep on reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)