The Mark Of the Christian

Hello readers today I’m going to tell you about the mark of the Christan a book I just finished reading. So what do you think that the mark of the christian is?what do you think a christian is? do you think a) they have a weird hair cut? b) act weird? c) helpful? d)all of the above e) none of the above ? I think that a christian is just like any other person they also make mistakes and the only difference is they have Jesus. I think that you can tell that someone is a christian by their actions in love, apologizing, and forgiveness. The author explains what love and forgiveness is about in his book. here is an example of true forgiveness.A mother lost her daughter to a drunk driver and she forgave him.

What do you think real forgiveness is? Do you have love and forgiveness in your life?

I think  it was a very good book because it was thought provoking and you may enjoy it too.

buy the book here

3 thoughts on “The Mark Of the Christian

  1. Wow! Very insightful!!Most Christians today cant answer the question of what its like to be a Christian. I think people have forgotten the real reason behind being called a Christian. Its a shame because some have given us a bad name. So much so, that I dont even like to be called a Christian anymore. I call my self a believer, if asked. Until then I practice the actions and wait to see if anyone notices. People can recognize us by our actions. Great Job though!!

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